A North Dakota farmer accused in a plot to assassinate Ukraine’s agriculture minister.

A North Dakota farmer accused in a plot to assassinate Ukraine's agriculture minister.


A farmer from North Dakota with dealings in Ukraine is now being accused of plotting to assassinate the Ukrainian minister of agriculture.


Last week the Ukraine Ministry of Interior Affairs said that law enforcement stopped Kurt Groszhans and a Ukrainian woman from trying to kill Leshchenko. They claim that Groszhan had hired Leshchenko to be a manager for his farm company in 2018. Later, he said Leshchenko had stolen money from the company. The Ukrainian government says that Groszhans and another woman tried to hire a hit man who was an undercover police officer.


The North Dakota farmer, on the other hand, had a public campaign against Leshchenko, accusing the agriculture minister of stealing from the farmer. Kimberly Groszhan says that Kurt was in North Dakota for his mother’s 80th birthday in September. It was at that time that he showed Kimberly texts from Leshchenko. In the messages, Leshchenko is claimed to have told Kurt that he would be put in jail for accusing him of dishonest business practices.


Sabotaging investigations


A few months ago, Groszhans told people on LinkedIn that Leshchenko had been a director of Groszhans’ agribusiness in Ukraine for seven months and cost Groszhans over $1 million. Groszhans said that Leshchenko took his money and used it to help pay for the political campaign of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019, as well as to help Leshchenko’s own farm business make money.


Groszhans wrote on LinkedIn that he had told Ukrainian courts and national police about his accusations. He said that Leshchenko was, however, sabotaging any investigation.


Groszhans said that he had to get the media to pay attention to his case. I’m ready to answer any questions and give you any documents you need. In his comments, Groszhans mentioned that despite everything he thinks he is facing in Ukraine, he believes in Ukraine and the unlimited opportunities for American-Ukrainian cooperation.