GPU prices are falling together with cryptocurrency.

GPU prices are falling together with cryptocurrency.


We’ve looked at one week’s worth of prices from late December and the last week, and we’ve put together a complete list of average prices for GPUs. Until next week, we’re only looking at the most recent AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. When it comes to our GPU market, this is arguably the best deal of 2022. For comparison, the RX 6600 does well with Nvidia’s RTX 3060 12GB GPU in 1080p gaming performance, coming in just 4% slower than the RTX 3060.


The RTX 3060 12GB costs $705, giving the RX 6600 a huge lead in terms of performance for the money.


RTX 2060 6GB or GTX 1660 Super are the closest Nvidia cards you can get for $520-ish. These cards are older and slower than the RX 6600, though. With an average price of just $375.22, AMD’s Radeon 6500 XT is the cheapest current-generation graphics card that you can buy right now, but it’s not the cheapest one you can get right now. However, its poor performance and feature set make it a poor choice in comparison to the RX 6600, even though it costs $143 more.


For Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, though, there aren’t any truly good options even when the price drops. The prices of the 3070-series and 3060-series cards are only down about 5%, but the lack of mining power may keep the prices of the RTX 3050 cards down. Still, we’re happy to see that all of Nvidia’s graphics cards are getting good price cuts together.


The price of the RX 6900 XT went up by 3.7% over the last month, even though people bought 20% fewer cards.


Price changes:


GPU Model Link Price Change Quantity Change
RTX 3090 -9.8% 7.7%
RTX 3080 Ti -4.5% -2.4%
RTX 3080 12GB N/A N/A
RTX 3080 10GB -11.6% -25.2%
RTX 3070 Ti -0.5% 11.1%
RTX 3070 -4.8% -30.8%