Scammers used a Discord hack to steal $150K in cryptocurrency from the NFT project.

Scammers used a Discord hack to steal $150K in cryptocurrency from the NFT project.


Fractal is a new marketplace for game item NFTs. On Tuesday, it was revealed that a link sent through the project’s Discord channel was a scam that was set up to steal cryptocurrency from people who wanted to buy a limited-edition NFT from the platform. Users who clicked on the link and linked their crypto wallets thought they were going to get an NFT. Instead, their Solana cryptocurrency was emptied and sent to the scammer’s account.


Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch, is working on this new project called Fractal. It focuses on the buying and selling of NFTs, which are virtual goods that can be used in games. In a tweet from Kan, he told people that the announcements bot on Fractal’s Discord server had been hacked.


“The announcements bot on our @fractalwagmi discord was hacked. Do not go to any url and connect your wallet / mint anything.” – Justin Kan on twitter


It was confirmed by another tweet from the main Fractal Twitter account that a fake link had been sent through the service. While the cryptography used to make cryptocurrencies and NFTs is very safe, the huge network of websites and apps that make up the wider crypto ecosystem has many ways for hackers to get in. A tweet from the official Fractal account said that the fake message was sent to Discord through a webhook. People who lost money in the hack will get their money back, a blog post from Fractal said.


Fractal released a blog post stating that when it comes to crypto, if something doesn’t feel right, please don’t do anything, even if it looks legit at the start and that Bitcoin has no undo button. We have to use our best judgment because there is no way to go back.